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Maineville Car Wash | Making Cars Shine

Welcome To Maineville Car Wash

At the corner of US-22 and SR-48, in the Maineville Shopping Center.

Right next door to Gold Star Chili.

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About Us

Mike & Alex Batdorf

Hi! My name is Mike, and next to me in the picture is the love of my life, Alex. We have been married for 15 wonderful years.

We aren’t originally from Maineville. We moved to Maineville a little over 10 years ago, from Northwest Ohio (Toledo), and built Maineville Car Wash literally from the ground up.

Together, we are the proud parents of 6 children, 8 grandchildren, and just welcomed our first great grandchild.

We love Maineville, the people, and everything else about it. As a small business owner, we realize that our customers are what makes us successful, and we take our responsibility to you seriously.

If our car wash doesn’t perform properly, or to your satisfaction, we are committed to making it right.

Touch Free

The Super 5000

The Super 5000, made by D & S car wash systems is a high-pressure, brushless automatic carwash system with vehicle sizing capability and Power Blaster enhanced wash technology. The Super 5000 is constructed of stainless steel and features variable speed hydraulic operation, ultrasonic and electronic vehicle sizing (duplicate systems for preventing failures), faster cycle times, advanced diagnostics & programmability to out-perform the competition.
Soft Touch

The Odyssey

A high-tech 3-D scan profile of every vehicle is captured along with “mapping” details like the luggage rack and spoilers. The Odyssey washes best because it knows the unique size and shape of every vehicle being washed in the bay.

The Odyssey uses a closed foam technology, which makes it impossible to carry debris in it’s brushes from one wash to the next, allowing customers piece of mind regarding their cars not getting scratched.

Busy Day

When the weather gets nice in February, we are always prepared to wash cars. It’s our favorite, and busiest time of the year, thanks to our loyal customers. We appreciate you all.

Odyssey Closed Cell Foam

Pictured below is a close up of the Odyssey’s closed cell foam technology. Closed foam won’t allow debris to get caught in the brushes, which ensures the best car wash possible, every single time.

Soft Touch Wash

The Odyssey uses 3D mapping software to wash each car individually. We’ve washed convertibles, and wash all of the Maineville Police Department vehicles, without ever damaging their antenna’s. They sure have A LOT of antenna’s on their cars.

New Customer

Here’s a picture of a brand new customer, entering our touch-free Super 5000 bay. There seems to be an even split between customers who prefer soft touch or touch free. We have both types of washes available.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for absolute customer satisfaction, guaranteed. If your car isn’t clean at the end of the wash cycle, give us a call, so we can make things right. It’s a mechanical system, and sometimes machinery doesn’t work right. Either way, we want you to be completely satisfied.

Reverse Osmosis

Our water is filtered, using a reverse osmosis system, for every single car wash. Reverse osmosis filters particulates out of the water, down to 4 micrometers, which is smaller than most particles of dust. This ensures the cleanest wash possible.
Customer Reviews

What People are Saying

“You’re the BEST!”

“I’ve had nothing but positive results at the Maineville Car Wash! The owner even watched my dog “Buddy”, while I vacuumed my car.”

Patty M.

“Amazing Car Wash!”

“I would highly recommend this car wash to everyone. Just make sure you let your car go through the whole cycle. I watched many move out way to soon so when you do that your not going to get the wash you paid for. ”

Carla N.

“From Out Of Town”

“I was visiting from out of town, and my car was filthy. I got an AMAZING car wash. While my kids were vacuuming out the seats, the owner came out. He’s such a charmer and is so friendly.”

Monica B.

“Best Car Wash Ever!”

“Mike is the nicest guy & he’s very involved in the community! Car wash does a fantastic job!”

Stephanie S.

Get A Coupon Code To Use On Your Next Car Wash.

Fill out the quick form below, and we will reveal a coupon code for a discount on your next car wash, at Maineville Car Wash. We appreciate you visiting our website, and look forward to having you as a customer for a long, long time.

Hours of Operation

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weather permitting.

If you happen to find us out of service, generally it is due to us working on our equipment to keep it in the best working condition, or sometimes it’s just too cold to wash cars.

Because we take our business and customers very seriously, we close our car wash in extremely cold weather, to ensure car doors won’t freeze shut, and our equipment will be damaged from freezing water.

If something should happen during your wash, please give us the opportunity to make your experience better. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction.

Give Us A Call

Let us know if we need to help you, because we care tremendously about our customers.

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